Welcome to my photography images, I’d like to put my photography into the genre of Lifestyle, street, travel, landscape and cityscape photography.  As it has been said hundreds of times “a picture speaks a thousand words”

So if my pictures could speak they would convey memories of far away worlds, vibrancy, colour, emotion, drama, intensity, solitude and vivid travel adventures.

I also love clear straight lines of properties and unique buildings, a lot of my images feature water and being surrounded by the green hues of nature.  Photography is like a meditation in motion, capturing first what your minds eye sees through the lens of a camera, which is then converted to a visual image on screen or print. A large portion of my work has been travel photography, as there really is nothing quite like walking around a foreign country, being immersed by unusual sights, smells and sounds and then photographing what you see, every picture is a unique snap shot in time. 

My landscape images have featured in many exhibitions, which has lead to sales of my work. A lot of the other images on my site have been taken for commercial jobs and small photography business’s I have set up or been involved with.

The main equipment I use is a Canon 7D Mark II with a variety of lenses and a Manfrotto tripod.

I do hope that my images inspire you to grab your bag and go explore someplace wild and remote!!!

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal……….Paulo Coelho!!!!